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twitter: @james_nichols email: firstname dot lastname at sorbonne-universite.fr
--- moi --- ----------- I'm a postdoc at the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, UPMC, Sorbonnes Universités, Paris, France. I'm interested in approximation, high dimensional problems, fractional & stochastic partial differential equations, stochastic processes, numerical analysis, and machine learning. I completed my Ph.D in 2014 with Ian Sloan and Frances Kuo, at UNSW, Sydney, Australia. I play some banjo and a bit of piano. I try to code elegantly. I love riding and tinkering with bikes. See my GitHub (although a lot of my code has gone to GitLab lately) Google Scholar Ph.D Thesis --- recent publications --- --------------------------- o Optimal reduced model algorithms for data-based state estimation A Cohen, W Dahmen, R DeVore, J Fadili, O Mula, JA Nichols Submitted, 2019 o Greedy algorithms for optimal measurements selection in state estimation using reduced models (pdf) P Binev, A Cohen, O Mula, JA Nichols SIAM/ASA Journal of Uncertainty Quantification, 2018 o Subdiffusive discrete time random walks via Monte Carlo and subordination (arXiv) JA Nichols, BI Henry, CN Angstmann Journal of Computational Physics, 2018 o From stochastic processes to numerical methods: A new scheme for solving reaction subdiffusion fractional partial differential equations CN Angstmann, IC Donnelly, BI Henry, BA Jacobs, TAM Langlands, JA Nichols Journal of Computational Physics, 2016 o Quasi-Monte Carlo finite element methods for elliptic PDEs with lognormal random coefficients IG Graham, FY Kuo, JA Nichols, R Scheichl, C Schwab, IH Sloan Numerische Mathematik, 2015 o A discrete time random walk model for anomalous diffusion CN Angstmann, IC Donnelly, BI Henry, JA Nichols Journal of Computational Physics, 2015 o Fast CBC construction of randomly shifted lattice rules achieving O(n−1+δ) convergence for unbounded integrands over Rs in weighted spaces with POD weights JA Nichols, FY Kuo Journal of Complexity, 2014 o A quantitative comparison of anti-HIV gene therapy delivered to hematopoietic stem cells versus CD4+ T cells B Savkovic, JA Nichols, D Birkett, T Applegate, G Symonds, JM Murray PLoS computational biology, 2014 --- music --- ------------- Svelt Infosthetic Orchestra Brackets (RIP) The Henchmen (RIP) --- projects --- ---------------- Malcolm Turnbot The Dubtable Pattern Machine Book-Bike-Machine Pia van Gelder's Psychic Synth